BRIGHT LIGHT PARADE Releases debut single “Right Now”

B R I G H T   L I G H T   P A R A D E

Bright Light Parade

Bright Light Parade is one of the most exciting new bands to hit the music scene in quite some time. Fronted by two sisters, Lexi and Torre Anderson, the band is hugely popular with both youth groups and adults alike. With a viral appeal, and songs that leave you humming the melody for days, some of their video postings have received millions of plays on YouTube.

Musically, the band draws comparisons to Superchick, Paramore, and Barlow Girl. With their magnetic new single, “Right Now”, Bright Light Parade displays the energy and excitement that a young band with a fresh approach brings. With a powerful message of purity, servant-hood, and seeking the will of God every day, the lyrics of Bright Light Parade probe the depths of teen life through a Christian perspective. Their words describe the dance of emotion, spiritual responsibility, and relationships through the perspective of one growing in their walk with Christ. BLP is the “counter-culture” to what young people today are being told to think and believe.

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